GoodEnergy finds freedom through freelancing


When Bojana Mirkovic signed up as a designer on 99designs, she chose the handle GoodEnergy because it was a nickname her volleyball teammates had given her—and by the time you finish reading this interview, you’ll totally see why.

Bojana grew up in Serbia, and studied Architecture at Belgrade University. After settling into a 9-to-5 office routine, she soon realized that she preferred managing her own schedule and kicked off her freelance career instead.

These days she’s a full time freelance designer, which gives her the flexibility to work while traveling extensively. The places she visits and her varied office environments drive her creativity and inspire her work.

Name: Bojana Mirkovic
99designs handle: GoodEnergy
Location: Serbia
Specialty: Logo design

How did you become a graphic designer?

There are two things I was really good at as a child: drawing and math. This combination later led me to study Architecture in the University of Belgrade. During my studies, I realized that I enjoy the creative and (especially) the graphic aspect of my work much more than the technical side. For example, I loved conducting visual research and investing time in graphic presentations.

I graduated in 2012 with a high GPA, and created an account on 99designs following a friend’s recommendation. I worked for a while in other jobs in parallel, before becoming a full-time freelancer.

What prompted you to begin freelancing full time?

After I gained some professional experience on 99designs and won a few contests, I received a job offer to work for the student travel agency, BalkanFun. After some time spent there, I moved onto a position at Level99, which is an esports creative agency.

Those were amazing experiences, but I realized that I prefer running my own schedule, rather than sticking to the one defined by my workplace. 99designs made it possible for me to live my dream, to continue playing volleyball, travel a lot, and to have my office with me wherever I…



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