What is branding? And how to harness its power in 2022

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Branding is key to a successful product. It can sound vague and fairly daunting, but it’s one of those marketing concepts you need to understand. Not just in terms of what branding means, but how to apply the elements of good branding to your own company.

You might think of your product as your brand, but in marketing terms, they’re two different things. Your product is what you sell, whether it’s something physical or a service. It’s likely that there are other similar—if not identical—products on the market. But your brand should be unique.

To learn more about the meaning of branding and its role in marketing – read on! To jump right into how you can harness the power of branding strategy and identity for your brand, check out the video below.


Explore the following areas to help you understand what is branding—actually though—and the power it wields for your brand:

What is branding?
How to create your brand
Defining your product
Four things every good brand needs
How modern markets have changed branding
Branding for different industries
How to build and communicate your brand identity
Engaging customers with your brand
Refreshing your branding
Branding and design

What is branding?

Branding encompasses the overarching idea or image of your company that’s associated with your product. Through the eyes of your customers, branding might even be involved in how they define your product.

Your name, designs, logo, and other features that are unique to your company’s personality are all part of your brand. They will appear on and around your product, setting it apart from other similar products in the market.

After developing your brand you should be left with a set of brand guidelines. By jkane via Dribbble

A well-developed brand will trigger emotional cues in your audience that lead them to favor your brand over others. Different audiences want different things, and you’ll find that numerous brands selling almost exactly the…


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