WPMU DEV Launches White Label Domain Reselling For WordPress Web Developers

Create A Website for $1.99/Month

WPMU DEV, a WordPress technology company, recently launched domain reseller and white label hosting integration, announcing that its goal of becoming an “all-in-one” platform for web developers is almost complete.

Birmingham,United States – November 18, 2022 —

On November 14, James Farmer, WPMU DEV’s CEO announced on its company blog the introduction of reseller-ready, integrated domain purchase and management at wholesale prices for WordPress web developers as its latest platform offering.

As James states, “there’s a standard pricing method of offering heavy discounts during domain registration and then charging higher prices on renewals. We are providing domains purely at cost for purchase and renewal, with no margin except to cover transaction fees that will allow web developers to provide domains to their clients at whatever price they’d like to set and save a decent bit of money on their existing provider.”

As James also states on the blog, in order to provide wholesale pricing, domain reselling is only available to Agency Plan members, which provides an unlimited sites license for US$82.50/month.

According to Neel Gajjar, WPMU DEV’s Hosting Product Manager, WPMU DEV members are currently able to search and register domains in over 120 extensions (.tlds), with hundreds more being added soon, including country specific domains. All domains come with free privacy by default.

As James recently stated, “adding domains was the last step needed to complete WPMU DEV’s goal of becoming a fully automated and integrated white label reseller platform. From early 2023, WordPress web developers will be able to easily set up and manage sites for their clients at minimal cost and resell these at competitive prices, with their fully branded services at very profitable margins.”

In addition to reselling affordable domains to clients, web developers building a web development business on WPMU DEV’s white label platform can also save time…


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