The 11 best logo makers and logo generators to try in 2023

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There are different ways of creating your logo. You can work with a design agency, with a freelancer, create a logo design contest or use an online logo maker. It all depends on your current need, budget and time constraints.

Logo makers are an easy way to bring your idea to life. By OrangeCrush

If you are looking to make a logo quickly, easily and without spending much, look no further than a logo maker. A DIY logo is a great option for a one-off project, or even as a mock-up logo for presentations and pitches. It’s also helpful if your brand is just starting out and you need a good placeholder logo. Using a logo maker, you can create something that’s representative of your brand and that can serve as inspiration if you go on to work with a designer later down the road. And you don’t need prior design knowledge or experience to use them.

But before you can pick the best logo maker for your project, you have to know what to look for.

Everything you need to know about logo makers

What is a logo maker?

Logo makers generate many ideas to choose from. By Megamax727

Logo makers are also sometimes called logo creators, logo generators or logo builders. A logo maker’s function is in its name—it’s software into which you input simple information to shape your design. This includes things like your company name, industry and desired aesthetic and informs the maker to generate a bunch of appropriate logos. They do so using artificial intelligence to analyze the information you enter and then refer to their very own library of various design elements to give you possibilities to review.

They are generally very simple to use and guide you through the process step by step. For some, you simply have to input the name of your business, select an icon or font from a stock library and pick custom colors to match your brand. You can have a logo in minutes. Others give you more freedom to create and customize but give you all the necessary tools to build…


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