Planning for 2023: Instagram Posting Tips

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Seeking inspiration for your social media marketing efforts in 2023?

Over the first few weeks of the year, we’re publishing a series of tips and notes on how to maximize your online efforts, including pointers on new tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, and how these evolving apps can assist in your content planning process.

We’ve already covered the following elements:

So, with the first two major platforms out of the way, we move onto the next big app – Instagram.

Which has been having something of an identity crisis – here are some key tips to help you maximize your Instagram presence in 2023.

Evolving vision

As noted, Instagram’s been going through a mini-metamorphosis of late, as it works to keep up with the latest trends, and remain a key app for younger audiences.

Which essentially means keeping up with TikTok, which has seen IG adding more random posts into your main feed, putting more focus on short-form video clips in explore, and leaning into newer engagement behaviors, like people sharing posts in DMs and Stories, instead of to the main feed.

With this in mind, Instagram recently outlined its three key areas of focus for 2023.

Those are:

Inspire people to be creative
Help people discover things they love
Spark connections between people

From a marketing perspective, a key consideration here is enhanced discovery, in showing people more content from people and pages that they don’t follow.

This, as noted, has become a key shift in approach for IG.

Up till recently, Meta had been able to dominate the social media landscape due to its social graph – i.e. everybody you know is on Facebook and IG. Because of the scale of its apps, Meta has a big connective advantage, and it’s been able to use that to replicate features from other apps, for example, in order to keep people on its platforms instead. 

But TikTok has changed the paradigm around social media, putting less focus on the ‘social’ aspect, and more on entertainment. The advantage…


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