New hosting plan with flexibility What to consider when choosing what

New hosting plan with flexibility What to consider when choosing what

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I am sure you already know what to do as per discussions in another thread but to point the above post, if you want the easy upgrade, you can go for Cloud as you can easily migrate to a higher plan depending on the providers you are going with.

Traditional VPS or Dedicated Server is easy to upgrade too as long as you know what you are doing and you are prepared on this.

You need to consider the software also especially for OS. Debian and Ubuntu are some of the OS that can easily be upgraded without OS reload.

Take your time, plan and dig deeper.


ahh sorry, I should pay more attention I need to edit the post above but I cant.
I accidently posted it when I moved away from the pc to get something and got occupied talking, just came back to see it posted.

I need to think and double check when doing posting and replying, butter fingers here keeps posting without wanting to.

I’m not sure what I want or will go with yet but it would need to be a managed service, so I don’t need to worry about things I don’t know about or think too much about it.

if its shared shared cloud or managed VPS it would want to look for something with modern Hardware and upgradability flexibility , so even if its a basic package it should still be good.

I dont know much on the server OS because I never needed to bother with it but I think I would want something with cloudlinux.

would it be a good option ?

My main issue is don’t really know what I should look at a things have changed and improved over the last few years for the better so I need to just make sure I I have some good information So I know what I should be looking for and looking out and avoid before I jump it head first.

I would look at
1. Features/Performance
2. Price
3. Support & Reliability

What I get confused with is some hosting terms Disk I/O, Inodes, any others I should be aware of ?
Could someone tell me what these are and how much is the average ?

another things I get confuse with is some host state the core and ram but a lot dont and some only have them on wordpress hosting plans. Whats the difference ?

also most dont state the hardware or how much resources and if they do it will be in such a way it would make no difference if they told you or not

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