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In September, the FBI warned that more than half of connected medical devices in hospitals had known critical security vulnerabilities, and these flaws are leading to a surge in attacks on the healthcare industry. As Carly Page reported, MedCrypt raised a $25 million round to help device manufacturers think security-by-design when creating the next generation of medical devices.

The company is a Y Combinator graduate that provides software for anything the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would consider a medical device where cybersecurity could be a concern, from insulin pumps and heart rate monitors to AI-based radiology tools and autonomous robots. I’m sure we can all agree that we don’t want to live in a world where people get blackmailed so hackers won’t send their critical health devices on the fritz, so let’s take a look at the story MedCrypt shared with its investors to raise its Series B.

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Slides in this deck

The MedCrypt Series B deck is a tidy 12-slide deck. The company’s COO, Vidya Murthy, who shared the deck with me, said that it’s as-pitched, except that some of the customer adoption information has been redacted. Makes sense; security is sensitive business, and I imagine keeping the customer list under your hat might be a smart move. The company does claim that three of the top five device manufacturers use their products.

Cover slide
Problem slide
Target audience/market size slide
Opportunity slide
Mission slide
Product slide: Vulnerability tracking
Product slide: Behavior monitoring
Product slide: Cryptography
Product slide: MedISAO
 Team slide
 Summary/traction slide
 Closing slide

Three things to love

MedCrypt’s slide deck shows that it is a mature organization with a broad product lineup and even the beginnings of an ecosystem influence play. The deck is pretty unusual in that it is missing a fair…



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