How to send out email broadcasts using Convertkit

How to send out email broadcasts using Convertkit

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Ready to dive into Email Marketing and automation? In this ConvertKit Tutorial I will show you step-by-step how to how to send out email broadcasts using convertkit

Convertkit is one of my go-to email marketing softwares because of how easy it is to use. If you’re just getting started with convertkit, then this convertkit tutorial will really help you. This convertkit demo covers how to use convertkit, convertkit landing page,convertkit forms, convertkit email marketing and automations, how to set up convertkit, sales funnel in convertkit, convertkit broadcast, convertkit sequences and basically everything you need to get great results off the bat!

If you still have any questions after watching this convertkit tutorial, feel free to leave me a comment below!

Dive into the video because what you’re about to learn will change your life forever.

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A lot of people get truly stuck and hung Up when it comes to Building their email list well in Today's tutorial i want to take that Burden away By showing you how to create landing Pages That convert using one of my favorite Tools convertkit Before i dive into this tutorial however I want to ask you a big massive favor And that is Please go ahead and subscribe to my Channel and turn on the bell We publish videos three times a week and We publish tutorials And all sorts of good stuff to help you To grow your business Scale and make money online so without Further ado Let's dive into the tutorial where i'll Be teaching you Exactly how to create landing pages how To design them And all of that good stuff and you can Do this in a matter of Minutes let's head inside so to get to The landing pages you go over here to Landing pages and forms and you click Over here okay so now that we're here We're going to see that the form that i Already Originally created is over here so as You create more forms and

Landing pages etc you'll be able to find Them in this part of the window here So to begin creating a landing page you Go over here to create New and then you select Landing page this time so select landing Page over here And what's going to happen and this is The beauty again of convertkit is that It gives you Loads of beautiful templates that you Can use To create your landing page so it's Already pre-created all we have to do is Choose a template and pick a couple of Uh you know change a few things i.e Words images etc and then You can use that as your landing page so Let me find A simple template that we can use for The sake of this Tutorial so i think this is simple Enough so we're actually going to use This one so i'm using this one called Cypress you can click over here to Preview To see what it would look like once it's Finished Okay so it's just loading here we are so This is what it will look like so you You'll have a title over here you'll Have some text over here if you want a Text A call to action over here and they put

In their email and you change the image Over Here so it's pretty simple so i'm gonna Click on choose so we can use This one So now we're here ready to edit your Landing page so a few things you Definitely Want to change so the heading right now Is in the font called play fair Display but if you wanted to change that Font Uh you would essentially uh you would go Back To the font so if we go back to general Styles play fair display Let's look for i kind of like this Roberto slab can you see how it's Changed over here In this section i quite like that the Body is the same thing if you wanted to Mess around with other Fonts you could do that over here in This section i sometimes like meriwether As well which is quite nice over there And then you could actually change the Color of this entire background to suit Your brand so this is where you change The color so if i click over here I can select a completely different Color so if i wanted something A little bit more toned down so that This part really stands out but it's Still within you know my brand if say

This was my brand I could choose it so it's really is that Simple Now when it comes to the image over here Uh in order to edit the image all i have To do Is to click over here to edit and crop Let's see what comes up Wait a minute let me upload the image First okay So it's going to give me access to my Files to upload so i had already created An image in canva It's not anything special it's just for The purpose of This so that we have something to use So it's now loading up my image and it's Showing you showing me my image and Uh convertkit gives you lots of options Of things that you can use either Filters you can change colors directly In convertkit You can do a map markup over here you Can even crop you can rotate you can Flip Horizontally flip vertically etc i'm not Going to do any of that to this image I'm just going to click done let's see What happens so it's processing my image Okay so now i have replaced that image Over here so you can see What it looks like over here so the only Thing i have to do is to change Some text so i'm going to change this

To face uh free Or rather facebook As check list Over here let's double uh let's see if i Can center This which is there and i'm going to add Some blurb over here ready Ready to nail facebook ads Grab my free checklist Which walks you through Through how to Set up your facebook ads Confidently a matter Of minutes Now to be honest i probably wouldn't use This text as it is but for the purpose Of this i'm just putting it here And so here i want to change this from Subscribe to a You know a real call to action so i Might say where Where should i send this to where should I send this to or I can say insert your name And email right any of those would work So i already have the email field over Here but i do want their name so i'm Going to click on plus over here It is a custom field over on the right Hand side i'm going to call it first Name And over here i'm going to move it so That we have first name And then email over there and

Then you can also change the font color Of the text over here Right so if i wanted something a little Bit darker so that it stands out i can Do that over there Now we have the button over here So i don't sign up today i'm going to Have it as Down download Right and then i'm going to change the Color to match My facebook color or something near Enough At least oops Near enough right to match that and so To be honest for the purpose of this i'm Actually quite happy with this now if You are playing around with this you can Play around with it until you are Satisfied but i'm only doing this for Demonstration purposes Now there's other things that you can do For sure you can also increase The radius so if i increase it to seven It's just increasing the radius around The outside Over here so i'm going to take it back Down to three uh Font size you can change the font size Over here if i went back to general Styles This is where you can change all of the Uh the actual font itself the card color And so on and if you know custom css you

Can pop that In here but i don't need to do that now For this You definitely want to change the name So that you can recognize it So i'm going to click on this pencil and I'm going to call this facebook Add check list landing Page and i'm going to hit save Right so once you are done you are Pretty much done all you have to do is Click on Save and publish over here So now my landing page has been saved Let's look around let's look at anything Else we need to do So now there are other things you need To do when somebody grabs your landing Page you need to work on the settings Just like you would If you had created a form the first Thing you want to do is when a visitor Subscribes to the page what do you want Them to do do you want to show a success Message Or do you want to redirect them to an External page so once again You can redirect them to an external Page if you have an external thank you Page which again you can create inside Of convertkit by the way You can also redirect them to another Sales page if you have that that's Completely fine

But if you are still new in your Business chances are you don't have any Of that so i say stick to this one Show a success message once again You want to change your success message Instead of success now check your email You would you might say something along The lines of Thank you for grabbing The facebook Ads check list i'm actually going to Copy this so that next time i can just Paste it Actually i'll copy it at the end uh Thank you for grabbing uh the facebook Ads Checklist i've sent it To your inbox Please check your email to Download to get access get Access now okay It's good to have you Pam okay there we are so i'm going to Copy this so that i can use a variation Of it Uh in the next step that i will show you So now this is a success message so when Somebody grabs this lead magnet they Will see this success message Which tells them uh which number one Confirms that they have grabbed the lead Magnet but also tells them what to do In terms of uh you know that call to Action which is go to your inbox

The next thing you want to do is head Over here to domain And select the domain so remember if you Don't have a domain convertkit is giving You one system And that's completely fine if you have Your own custom domain you click on here And go to account settings and add your Custom domain The next thing you want to do over here Is go over to incentive Right which is their lead magnet the Facebook ads checklist So you have two options over here right You can either click over here to auto Confirm New subscribers which is which means That convertkit is going to auto confirm That Like i mentioned earlier the danger of This Is that when people use a fake email Address or an email address that Uh by accident you've also confirmed Them and that means that they won't get The lead magnet and you wouldn't even Know because they would just be sitting Inside of your convertkit account and as You know if you're paying for Any email autoresponder they are Charging you based on people The number of people that you have so Make sure that you Don't tick this you leave it as send

Incentive email And then you want to come over here to Edit email content And the first thing you want to do is Change your from email address to A proper email address that is branded So i've got my branded email over there You want to change the subject to Something such as it's here Facebook ads checklist Over there and then over here i'm going To change this by just pasting what i Had Before Okay i'm going to just remove this And paste it thank you for grabbing The facebook ads Checklist please Click the button below Below to get access now and then i'm Going to insert the button so because i Deleted the button i'm just going to Click here To add the button once more Down oh the buttons disappeared again Let's do that again click here once more And the button is back It's that simple Download now is right there Right it's good to have you pam let's Delete These things that do not apply Here we go right so this is it so we Have a very simple message now honestly

This message is not enough okay when uh You know inside of my programs and Inside of my business We use you know a much more persuasive Message than this but for the purpose of This i'm only adding this message just So that we can move forward so make sure You read your message And you have something in there that is In more alignment with your brand Once you have done that you hit save Over here so now The next thing you want to do is you Actually want to add the download There so you can add a url if you have Your lead magnet saved somewhere else it Could be dropbox Google drive amazon s3 it doesn't matter Or a simpler way is actually just to hit Download over here And to choose the file that you are Going to be giving them so let's imagine Uh this is the file i'm going to click On open and it's going to load up For them and once it's finished loading Up the moment they click that button in Their inbox They will get access to this specific Download so if you are just starting out I highly recommend that you just add the Download in the download So that it's easy so now that's loaded The next thing i want to do is check on Advanced

Again it's asking you if somebody comes Back and sees this landing page what do You want them to do you want to continue To show To show the form to them do you want to Hide the form Or do you want to show a custom content It's completely up to you I tend to leave it at continue to show The form so that Uh just in case they've forgotten right I mean it doesn't cost me anything If they do have uh use the same email Address it's not going to be a duplicate Inside of convertkit so will leave it Here add As continue to show the form and then Over here is your seo and analytics so Over here You want to add in some seo you want to Add in your title and seo title over There a description And add an image so this is very very Important so i might say Facebook Ads checklist Uh for the description over here i'm Actually going to cheat and click on Save Over there come back and just copy this Over here I'm going to copy this over here i'm Going to go over to settings again And just paste that this is my cheat

Guys all right Then i'm just going to alter it so ready To know facebook ads grab my free Checklist which walks you through How to set up your facebook ads Confidently in a matter of minutes And then over here i'm going to add the Same image that i added before That way what happens is if somebody Does share My landing page to their friend they Will see the seo And seo will pick up keywords such as Facebook ads checklist etc I have facebook ads again here so seo Would pick That up and then that's it you can add Your google analytics and all of those Things but i'm just going to hit save Over here once you have finished uh You can then hit publish one more thing I need to show you Is once people start getting access to Your lead magnet Uh via this landing page you click over Here to report Oops and it's click save first Let me know let me not undo all of my Hard work okay Go to over to reports and this is where You can see how many visitors you have Had How many subscribers you have had the Conversion rate so

Convertkit is that good so i'm going to Click back over to content So that i make sure that i have shown You everything that i need to show you And just like that we hit save and Publish And we are done now how do you share This you can hit the share button over Here you can hit preview to have a look This is what your landing page will look Like exit preview And then you can always hit the share Button over here and Grab this link to share with your Friends You can also share directly on facebook Directly on twitter Or embed it into your wordpress account But I'm just gonna keep it simple grab this Link and i'm going to Type it over here and now i'm able to Share it with My friends so how amazing is this we did This in a matter of minutes So there is really nothing stopping you Or holding you back From creating your own landing page i'm Beginning to generate Leads so that is uh your portion of Tutorial for how to create Your landing page inside of convertkit Thank you so much for watching i hope You got a lot of value from that if you

Don't already have a convertkit account I have a link below this video That helps you to get started for free Now before i go i want you to Check out this full walkthrough tutorial For how I use convertkit and all the automations That i use there's a bonus in there as Well So make sure you check it out and don't Forget to subscribe to This channel see you in my next video

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