How e-commerce has accelerated the growth of India’s retail sector?

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The Indian retail industry has been slightly disrupted over the last two years due to the pandemic which saw operations globally slow down due to periodic lockdowns. People had no choice but to rely on the use of online platforms to make daily purchases as access to the local markets were limited. As a result, internet shopping saw a major boom globally, thereby becoming a vital resource for both consumers and retailers to buy things. In numerous ways, this has had an impact on the offline Indian retail sector, considered to be one of the biggest retail industries in the world.

E-commerce was unquestionably growing in popularity before the advent of the pandemic as well, especially in metros and tier-I cities, nevertheless, the outbreak has made retailers realize the many benefits of shifting themselves to digital platforms. It not connected the businesses to the new potential clients but lowered the operating costs.

E-commerce has grown to be an important part of daily life now and a far more lucrative alternative than actual stores, given the discounts and convenience of exchange. There are multiple reasons that explain how e-commerce has accelerated the growth of India’s retail sector:

E-commerce can save money

E-commerce enables you to avoid the significant up-front costs of running traditional stores, like rent, design, inventory, and so forth. Most of these expenses can be avoided by e-commerce firms running retail websites. An e-commerce website often requires less time to set up than a non-eCommerce website.

Of course, opening an online store is not free. The bare minimum initial expenses for an internet business would be web hosting, e-commerce software, and a domain name. Along with paying for things like marketing, you also need to address the basics like taxes and laws (often by employing an attorney). However, the overall cost of carrying out…


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