Flutter Vs. ReactNative: Benefits of Both Frameworks

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There’s always a lot of debate on which framework you should use to develop an application. Some argue that Flutter is the right choice, and some tell you to go for ReactNative. But how do you decide? Well, for starters, you could just get in touch with a custom mobile app development company and they could guide you to choose which framework is the best for you.

But if you’re looking to build one yourself, then in this blog, we’ll dive deeper into what a framework is, what are the differences between Flutter and ReactNative, and how to choose the right one for your needs. Let’s start off with what a framework really is.

Overview of Frameworks

A framework is basically the technology you build your application or software on. There exist many different types of frameworks, each unique with its own set of features and purpose. Think of it like building a house. Your application or software is the house and the framework is the foundation of that house.

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Sure, you can build it from the ground up yourself but wouldn’t you rather opt for the relatively cheaper and quicker option, knowing the result will more or less be the same? This is the idea behind a framework. Flutter and ReactNative are the two frameworks we’ll be discussing and juxtaposing in this blog. So let’s get right to it.

What is Flutter

Developed by Google and first released in May of 2017, Flutter is a cross-platform framework used in web development, desktop app development, and mobile app development. What makes Flutter a unique and sought-after framework is that it uses a singular codebase for all types of applications, with very little to no tweaks.


Flutter applications are generally high-performance applications because of the Dart programming language, which enables quick…


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