Ecommerce Pay Per Click Strategies To Maximize Sales

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As the arena of online shopping grows to become more crowded than ever, successful eCommerce pay per click strategies have become critical to the success of most businesses. This increasing competition makes it necessary to run dynamic PPC campaigns that help websites to convert. Anyone can set up Google & Facebook Ads,  but very few can do it right. What follows is a winning PPC strategy guide for eCommerce sites. 

Before The Ads: Steps To Take To Help A Website Convert

Optimize The Website For Positive User Experience
User experience is key to the success of any eCommerce business. Potential customers don’t want to sit through long load times, messy presentation, and bad navigation. The goal is for people who find the website to stay there and make a purchase. 
Optimize photos for quick load times. We all love high-quality images and videos, but if content takes too long to load once the site is opened, users are going to click away. If Photoshop isn’t an option, one can resize images on sites like TinyPNG or Squoosh, they  are viable options for resizing photos without losing image quality. 
Make sure the website’s presentation is clean and on point, and most importantly, easy to navigate. Potential customers don’t want to be confused by poorly-designed site navigation. Make sure links are clear and easy to find. 

Create A Call To Action on Every Page
Call To Action (CTAs) are the most important part of any website. The goal is for people navigating a webpage to perform a specific action and putting a constant reminder in front of them is key to making that happen. 

Search Engine Optimization
Create a symbiosis between website content and the Google Ads that have been launched. Make sure to use the proper keywords to rank for and direct ads to the proper pages. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than clicking on an ad for a product and finding information about something entirely different. Additionally, SEO will help a…..

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