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The X factor of XE is twofold: the ability to transfer money in 65 countries to more than 170 countries, and the ability to let a recipient pick up transferred cash at a place like a bank branch or store. But the “why” factor—as in “Why should you do business with XE?”—might leave you questioning XE’s transfer fees and exchange rate markups.

On the roadmap of international money transfers, XE is a middle-of-the road alternative rather than a definite red light or green light.


Enables money transfers in 65 currencies to more than 170 countries
Offers option for recipient to pick up cash at store, bank or another brick-and-mortar location
Provides app in 11 languages


Allows transfers from only 22 countries
Charges transfer fees
Publishes mid-market (or “real”) exchange rate on its online currency converter, but XE charges higher marked-up rate for international money transfers



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