Will Dogeliens Invade Axie Infinity’s And Floki Inu’s Space In The Crypto Market?

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Space is the new frontier of meme currencies, it seems.

With the likes of Dogelon Mars (ELON), Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge), Vita Inu (VINU), and Safe Moon Inu (SMI) all adopting cosmic themes and aesthetics, how is new presale meme token Dogeliens (DOGET) different?

And why is it threatening to invade the crypto sphere and potentially take on Axie Infinity’s (AXS) and Floki Inu’s (FLOKI) position in the market?

Axie Infinity- Will It Last Until Infinity?

Axie Infinity was, at one point, one of the most talked about play-to-earn video games on the crypto market. Having reached a market capitalization of $9 billion at its all-time high, the cryptocurrency AXS now has a market capitalization of $690 million.

An Ethereum blockchain trading and battle game, Axie Infinity received extraordinary amounts of hype as many crypto enthusiasts predicted it would bridge the gap between ordinary gamers and play-to-earners.

However, following a $620 million hack and unrewarding play-to-earn model, progress towards this goal has been slower than usual.

Dogeliens Will Alien Abduct Us With Its Charm

Dogeliens is a brand new space and dog-themed meme currency. Although many could make the assumption that is similar to previous meme tokens, they would be mistaken.

According to their Twitter, Dogeliens is claiming to be: “The new king of meme coins has come from Puptopia to save the earth from mediocre cryptocurrencies.” How will it do that? Well, Dogeliens is split into three main categories.

The first category is an interactive metaverse space known as “The Spaceship”. This is an exclusive place for all holders of DOGET. Here they will be able to entertain insider rights on how to further the project.

But there is more. A dedicated wing of the spaceship will be reserved for the Dogelien Army. A collection of 10,000 funky alien dogs NFTs.  Anyone who owns such an extraterrestrial pet will be subject to benefits,…


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