Why doesn’t my website show up on Google? 17 solutions

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From content cloaking to generic keywords, here are 17 answers to the questions, “Can you share some reasons a website won’t show up on Google search, and how someone can solve this?”

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Content Is CloakedContent Is Not Aligned With Search-IntentHaven’t Created and Submitted Your SitemapWebsite Violates of Google’s GuidelinesPoor Quality or Thin ContentWebsite Is on the Wrong PlatformNo Terms and Conditions PageHaven’t Claimed Your Google Business PageMetadata Isn’t Filled OutOverlooked Off-Page SEOLeaving Old, Broken Links Not Using a 301 Redirect for a New DomainThe Site Has Poor UXWebsite Is NewWebsite May Lack Original ContentNot Removing the “Noindex” Tag After PublishingKeywords that Are Too Generic

Content Is Cloaked

Cloaking is a technique used by many webmasters where they present different content to the search engines than visitors to manipulate keyword rankings. This is a common black-hat SEO technique that, when detected by Google, can lead to the exclusion of an entire website from Google’s index and search results. 

To ensure that their websites remain visible in Google Search results and are not penalized for using cloaking, webmasters should only employ white-hat SEO techniques or professional services with proven success in organic visibility optimization.

Michael Alexis, CEO, Swag.Org


In SEO, we know this as search intent, and is an important metric to track. Make sure that your domain name and the content of your page are aligned with each other so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

In order to ensure this alignment, start by conducting keyword research and optimizing your page titles, meta descriptions, content text, and headings. Additionally, make sure that there are no large images or other elements on the page that might prevent it from loading quickly. 

Once you have done all of these steps, resubmit your website to Google by using its URL…


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