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In terms of web hosting providers in India, GoDaddy and BigRock are among the most well-liked choices. Despite the fact that both suppliers have a long history of operation in India and a sizable client base, there are some significant distinctions between them that should be taken into account. By contrasting the features, cost, service level, hosting plans, and other aspects of GoDaddy vs. BigRock, this study seeks to present a fair and impartial analysis of both companies. The intention is to assist website builders and Indian company owners in identifying the service that best suits their demands and budget.

Every website needs web hosting, so picking the best provider may have a significant impact on a site’s functionality, dependability, and user experience. Both GoDaddy and BigRock provide user-friendly control panels and dependable uptime, but their advantages are slightly different. To assist you in making an informed decision, this article compares and contrasts the two services. 

Price per month

INR 169 onwards


Affordable hosting plan, free domain name, free CDN

Price starts from

INR 82/month ($1)


Free domain, free SSL certificate, daily backups

Starting at

INR 216/month ($2.59) with WordPress pre-installed & Free SSL certificate available

Customer service

24/7 support

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Price starts from

INR 245/month ($2.95)

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GoDaddy vs. BigRock: Features

There are several noticeable variations between GoDaddy and BigRock’s regular and premium features when comparing their various hosting plans. A summary of some of the most significant variations between GoDaddy and BigRock’s basic features can be seen in this table. These features are available in different configurations across their plans.

BigRock vs. GoDaddy: Plans and Pricing

The plans offered by these hosts differ based on the features they offer at that cost. They provide thoughtfully crafted plans…


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