What’s The Future Of Web Hosting?

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Tom Fanelli, CEO and cofounder of Convesio, a scalable WordPress hosting platform designed for mission-critical websites.


It’s an exciting time in the web hosting industry. A number of different technologies and social trends are reshaping the traditional ways of hosting a website. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at what some of these are—and what you can expect to see from hosts in the near future.

First, we can expect to see continued growth in e-commerce-optimized hosting. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated e-commerce and introduced millions to buying everyday items online. Although the dramatic rate of growth has slowed in 2022, it’s still continuing to rise, albeit more slowly, as consumers gain comfort in purchasing online. It also looks like remote work is here to stay—which means that e-commerce will be sticking around to cater to a distributed workforce, too.

Moving business online leads to increased security risks, which is why security is another big trend. Hardly a day goes by without headlines of a bank, website or business being hacked. Unfortunately, security has long been overlooked (and still is) by many websites, which means that you can expect the number of hacks and leaks to continue, especially for sites running legacy hosting systems. As such, hosts are placing extra emphasis on ensuring that their customers’ sites are safe and secure.

The increasing complexity of running an e-commerce website (including keeping it secure) has also sparked a rise in “full-service” hosting packages. Hosting itself is already inexpensive, and the differentiator is no longer price. Rather, hosts are starting to offer courses, extra services or features and other unique benefits that go beyond storage space, free email and other tech specs. New web hosts are specializing in everything you can think of, from the cannabis industry to high-traffic viral events.

Similarly, we’re seeing hosting companies target specific niches…


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