What Is A Target Audience And How Do You Find It

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As a marketer, your goal should always be to reach the right decision-makers with the right message at the perfect time.

People with a propensity to engage or buy are your target audience.

Depending on your areas of expertise, your target audiences could work in various business roles.

This could be C-suite members, specific influencers, decision-makers, and buyers with particular needs and wants.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Target Audience

Know your audience – it’s the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.

The phrase “knowing who you’re trying to reach” refers not only to understanding the needs of your audience but also to what they want, and how they like to engage.

This is important, especially when competing online, where everyone is trying to ensure that their brand is discoverable – and that their content is top of mind and relevant for their target audience.

Understanding your target audience is pivotal to all your marketing efforts.

It sits at the center of any campaign, right between your broader go-to-market strategy and your personalization and promotional tactics.

What Is A Target Audience

A target audience is a specific group of people who are most likely to buy your product or service. It sits in the middle of all your targeting and campaign strategies – as explained in the diagram below.

It differs from your target market – which is much broader and includes groups who ‘may be interested’ and persona targeting – ideal groups of people who form ideal customers.

Image from author, October 2022

Types Of Target Audiences

Depending on your product or service and industry (B2B or B2C), there are many types of target audiences. Regardless, your goal should be to connect with your audience in such a way that you can deliver relevant and helpful content.

To do this, you need an understanding of your customer or client base by analyzing traits related to how they live life and what interests them most – be it sports…


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