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One of the most impressive features of the freelance revolution is its constant innovation. An area of particular interest at present is how different startups are evolving. The challenge: how can a platform deliver greater value to their freelance members. In a tough economic environment, helping freelancers grow their business is a golden ticket This is often described as platform intelligence. The term reflects the ways in which platforms provide freelancers with better information that leads to decisions, smarter initiatives, and better outcomes.

The best known freelance platform communities are known as two-sided marketplaces. Freelancers join for access to projects attracted to the platform by small or large corporates or not-for-profit client organizations. There are several hundred platforms serving clients and offering opportunity for freelancers around the globe. But, while freelance marketplaces continue to proliferate across the globe, the largest like Upwork or Fiverr, and those offering the broadest range, like Malt in the EU, YunoJuno in the UK or AppJobs in Sweden are typically able to only provide work for a small fraction of their total membership. Few marketplaces are able to offer regular work to a large segment of their freelance platform members. After all, their goal is to provide as broad a slate as possible of experts in order to meet the various needs of clients.

And, as the freelance revolution continues to mature, we see more new types of platforms rising up. For example, strong vertical platforms like Mash, Uncompany, and Indielist are focused on marketing expertise. Trees-engineering, Handiss and Estiie offer construction and architectural expertise. Spacely focuses on satellites and space. LifeSciHub emphasizes pharma project management. Fintalent delivers expertise in finance and M&A. Vertical platforms are generally smaller and more highly curated. Platforms like 9am invite freelancers from multiple marketplaces to…


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