Web Hosting: What to Know Before Starting Your Own Site

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Thinking of starting your own website for business, art or blogging? If you started a new business recently, a website can help show customers your products. Maybe you’re pursuing an artistic career and want a digital portfolio to show your work. Or you just want to get into blogging. 

No matter what your reason, we’ve compiled a guide of things to know about web hosting to help you choose the best service and plan for your needs. Once you’re finished reading this, you can head over to CNET’s list of best web hosting services to get your website up and running in no time.

What’s a web hosting service?

Web hosting services are companies, like GoDaddy and DreamHost, that own and maintain servers where website data is stored so those websites appear on the internet. Think of the servers as apartment buildings and the web hosting service is the landlord. You essentially pay rent for your website to live on these servers and access resources.

Understanding basic web hosting plans

The goals you have for your website will help determine which web hosting plan is best for you. Here are two of the basic plans.

Shared hosting

With shared hosting, your site data is stored alongside other sites on a server. All sites use the same resources, so if one site is getting more traffic, it will take up the majority of the resources. As a result, your site might slow down as another site sees a spike in traffic. Because of that, shared hosting plans are best if you are starting a website for the first time or aren’t expecting a lot of traffic. Some shared hosting plans,…


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