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The time that an average user spends online is much greater today than that seen years ago. But with more time spent comes a higher number of risks of users falling prey to threats like cyberattacks.

If we look at the statistics, there were 82% more ransomware attacks and data leaks in 2022 than in other years. Similarly, the concept of online censorship and internet shutdowns are also reaching a new high around the world.

But despite these stats, it’s shocking to see how many tech giants continue to abuse users’ data. Moreover, it’s not the least bit surprising that those who aren’t avid tech users found it important to invest in a good VPN and antivirus software, not to mention great proxy servers as well tools that manage passwords.

In terms of anonymous browsing, it’s the likes of VPN apps, proxy servers, and the Tor browser that leads the pack in terms of reliable options out there. But with that being said, which is the most popular one of them all?

Thanks to a leading web hosting service providers, we’ve got the answer through the best research. How have users altered with time and how are their online privacy protection habits changing is something being explored.

What was found is how VPNs are continuously tracking the way ahead.

The trend now is related to proxies being down while VPNs continue to stay up. The latter are uber popular now and people are having more and more interest in it when it comes to cybersecurity. And with digital searches increasing, it’s of the utmost essence.

All such data proves that there is more interest in VPN firms now than that seen in the year 2015. VPN service providers are reaching out to many users and helping them attain all the help they need to have the best digital life out there.

Companies like NordVPN have put forward a new rise in searches while fellow rival ExpressVPN has managed to reach 597% more searches. And let’s not forget the massive 490% rise in Surfshark since it was first rolled out in…


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