Unique cinema to host special screening of The Lion King for charity

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Sue Wiper of the Abbey Cinema

An unique cinema will be hosting a screening of family favourite The Lion King with all proceeds going to charity.

The Abbey Cinema in Abingdon has been working closely with town mayor Cllr Andy Foulsham who has selected The Archway Foundation and Yellow Submarine as his charities of the year for 2022/23.

Both charities support some of the most vulnerable in the Abingdon community.

The Archway Foundation serves those hurt by loneliness by connecting with others with a diverse group of empathetic volunteers.

Yellow Submarine believes people with learning disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full.

They run a variety of different projects that help nurture confidence and independence as well as provide respite for families and carers.

The Mayor and both charities have been working closely together for their first fundraising event of 2023, a special charity screening of Disney’s 1994 animated classic.

The Abbey Cinema is a boutique cinema at the Guildhall where people can make themselves at home on the comfortable seating, or choose to be seated at a table.

The cinema also offers table service, so everyone can enjoy their drinks and food without missing the film.

The copyright owners of The Lion King have kindly waived the fee so all proceeds from the event will be split evenly between both charities.

If you can’t attend you can still support the event by ‘paying it forward’, simply purchase a ticket then email the box office and let them know you would like to donate it to one of the charities service users.

For tickets, see The Abbey Cinema website.



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