Top Investors from Latvian Bank Get Attracted by Lama Group Inc. for Its Web Application Development

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Wilmington, North Carolina–(Newsfile Corp. – November 25, 2022) – Lama Group Inc. announces the attraction of a certain number of Latvian bank investors’ interest, who invested $150,000 in web application development.

According to the deal terms, the main investor has got 15% of Lama Group Inc. with the possibility to increase the company’s share to approximately 25% in 2023. Additionally, there was the condition that the investor has the right to enter the Board of Directors of Lama Group Inc.

Kiril Sagitov, Lama Group Inc.

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All the received will be used for the development of a new unique decentralized web app. The main idea of the app is to lay cross-chain bridges, which are mainly based on smart contracts. The company has big ambitions to reach the number of 1,000,000.

On August 20, the company got a new General Director, Kiril Sagitov, a young and talented entrepreneur, who manages Lama Group Inc. at the moment. Kirill is also a co-founder of the famous investment fund called Alpaca Fund. The idea of the fund is to bring together hundreds of top investors from all around the world and motivate them to finance various projects with big potential. The fund has no boundaries in terms of geographic location. Transactions function as a venture capital market and get transferred online. It is convenient for all the recipients and senders because they cannot be tracked by anyone.

As Kiril Sagitov explains, “The Idea of Creating a Decentralized Web App is that all tokens will be traded and without any liquidity pool. The app will be able to measure cross-chain axles and decrease money and time spent.”

Contact Details:
Lama Group inc. 6883302
Dmitry Filinov, PR department
USA, Delaware

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