Top 3 Backend-as-a-Service Providers for React Apps


Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) refers to platforms that provide backend services, such as data storage, analytics, notifications, real-time subscriptions, and authentication, to software applications. BaaS providers reduce the time needed to develop an application, as it eliminates the need to build the backend from scratch.

Some popular BaaS providers that support React applications are AWS Amplify, Firebase, and SupaBase.

AWS Amplify

AWS Services can be tricky to use without cloud experience. Launched in 2017, AWS Amplify is an open-source library that simplifies how you interact with and integrate AWS services into your app.

It provides services like storage, authentication, GraphQL, REST APIs, and push notifications, among others. It also provides a simple way of adding AWS resources like Cognito, DynamoDB, and ElasticSearch to an app without using the AWS console. You can use the CLI or the Admin UI to access Amplify.

Key Features of AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify works with a lot of frameworks and languages. For web applications, it supports popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, and Vue. It also supports iOS and Android. Amplify integrates Amazon Cognito to support email/password authentication, social authentication with providers such as Facebook and Amazon, and multifactor authentication. Amplify lets you add GraphQL and REST APIs to your application. You can use these APIs to access data from a data source like DynamoDB. Amplify lets you use S3 to store and manage media files on the device and in the cloud. The Amplify CLI enables you to create and deploy lambda functions. A lambda function is a serverless function that allows you to run code without provisioning a server. Some common use cases for lambda functions include sending SMS alerts when an event is triggered, sending emails, and image manipulation such as creating thumbnails. See the AWS docs, for more common use cases of Lambda functions. It’s cheap…..


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