Top 10 Martech Trends and Strategies for 2023

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2023 will be an important year for martech, with digital marketing spending increasing to $146 billion, but priorities shifting away from traditional PPC to visual and voice search.

Here are 10 exciting martech trends that will influence marketing technology into 2023, which you need for a winning martech strategy:

1. The rise of zero-party data gathering

The importance of big data for organizations is greater than ever before. Global privacy rules have necessitated a modification to our data collection methods.

In 2023, a prominent trend in digital marketing will likely feature organizations becoming more proactive in their data collection activities. Form design, for instance, may be used to acquire customer data that might impact the launch of your next product or service. Forms may be brief and concise to maintain user engagement. Additionally, it has a higher success rate in acquiring conversion-relevant data.

2. The need to become video-first

Because it can hold a viewer’s interest for longer than static postings, video-first content is becoming an increasingly important priority area in social media marketing. Marketers are employing bite-sized videos, such as TikToks and Instagram reels, to enhance engagement and brand exposure among millennials and Gen Z-ers. Instagram has actively tweaked its algorithm to favor reels and give video creators greater visibility over those with only static content.

Also promising to be an excellent marketing strategy is live streaming. When combined with influencers, live streaming enables prospective buyers to interact with advocates/experts who are acquainted with the product, discuss its pros — and maybe even some of its minor cons — and make a purchase while watching the video.

3. SSP and DSP (finally) coming together

The distinction separating buy- and sell-facing adtech enterprises has become more blurred. The Trade Desk, the biggest independent DSP (demand-side platform) in the market, suggested complete…


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