The Future Of Hiring In The Indian IT Sector

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According to a CEO of a major fintech unicorn, the company has been spending a whopping one-third of their time on recruitment. But a lack of skilled workforce is the key obstacle in the eyes ofstartup founders & CXOs nationwide. This is where skilling startups like Masai, Kraftshala, and Stoa step in.

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Talent Fact Sheet

Masai is one such institute with a penchant for teaching web development and data analytics from scratch, turning fresh rookies into dependable, fully-equipped developers with practical experience in no time. This has helped top companies like NoBroker, ShareChat and many more to scale up their tech operations quickly and more effectively.

Ankush Sachdeva, co-founder, and CEO of ShareChat said, “I would not place my bets on the existing education infrastructure to train people. I think we need more platforms like Masai that really take the accountability of uplifting students and giving them relevant knowledge in the tech domain. This is really needed to unlock India’s tech potential.”

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Placement in Numbers

Every year, Masai places hundreds of industry-ready graduates with over 2,000 hiring partners. When a student graduates from Masai, they have more than just a head full of knowledge; they know how to immediately put that knowledge to work toward the success of a business.

As stated by Prateek Shukla, Founder, and CEO of the Bangalore based start up “Even an average Masai student comes out with over 1000 hours of practical coding knowledge, 300 hours of Data Structures and Algorithms training, and 100 hours of soft-skill development. This makes talent from Masai industry-ready and very sought after”

Understanding industry requirements and skilling entry level development talent helps…


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