The 10 best freelance web designers for hire in 2023

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Wouldn’t it be great if wearing the right outfit made you better at work? That’s actually how web design works—it doesn’t just make a site look nice, it also increases conversions, sales and user-enjoyment. You can read the plethora of studies to back it up, but the gist is quite simple: good web design makes users happy, and happy users are more likely to sign up, check out and just keep clicking.

There’s a lot of nuances involved in web design: visual flow, color theory, proportions, layout, typography, imagery, user psychology and many more. It’s hard to find a good freelance website designer who knows how to apply each of these, so we thought we’d give you a head start by finding and listing the best freelance web designers available.

The 10 best freelance web designers to hire in 2023

How did we choose these as the top website designers?

Of all the best freelance web page designers in the world, how did we hand-select the best to be on this list? At 99designs, it’s our job to connect clients to the best designers for them, so we use a number of systems to evaluate, categorize and rank each freelance web designer according to three main criteria:

1. Overall design quality

by Aneley

For every web designer in our database, we have our team of experts personally assess their skill level. Aside from essentials like appearance and usability, we also dive deeper into areas like conceptual thought, technical execution and their knowledge of design principles. Each designer is ranked either Top, Mid or Entry level, and clients can easily see this level and select a designer to work with based on their needs and budget.

2. Web design experience

99designs also tracks each designer’s performance in particular categories of design and notes their strengths. That way, we can recommend not just the best designers, but the best logo, web, t-shirt, etc. specialists.

In the list above, all of the designers boast an impressive record for web…


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