Subdomain doesn't allow Wordpress Login?

Subdomain doesn’t allow WordPress Login?

Thanks guys for this, but it looks like I may have found the problem.
As some advised, and as I had previously tried, I set the Sub Domain up again.
Because I also set up a different sub domain first and it worked, I deduced that the only thing that was different in terms of syntax, was the Username for WordPress. A help box on the username stated you can use certain characters, citing the @ the full stop and exclamation mark. My original problem had a username with a couple of those characters in them. This new SD worked, so I proceeded to start from scratch and lo and behold with a different username, and NONE of those characters, it works.

I’ve since written to Support at IONOS who raised the ticket with Plesk and who a few days later still haven’t responded. I said you should update your help box on the Username to say you CANNOT use these characters.

It’s always something simple! Automattic I’m still a bit of a novice but feeling a wee bit more confidence and thanks to all here who spurred me on with some good suggestions.Blog software

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