Shared vs Cloud hosting the pros and cons

Shared vs Cloud hosting the pros and cons

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To be clear this is anecdotal experience and not an absolute statement of fact.

This is one of the primary areas where many, but to be clear not all, cloud platforms shine.

Even when using dedicated hardware I still tend to virtualize the operating system. It makes migrating to new hardware easier should there be hardware failure that isn’t a storage issue.

Using separate storage [a SAN, NAS, or Software Defined Storage for example] generally increases your reliability and gives you the ability to move to new hardware even faster. Some call this cloud, some do not.

I can say that I’ve seen read and write latency of 30 microseconds [ 0.03 milliseconds ] with NVME drives on a Software Defined Storage Cluster powered by StorPool. Keeping in mind that write latency of most NVME drives is 30 microseconds [ 0.03 milliseconds ] – I haven’t seen that having a redundant self-healing distributed storage cluster impacts performance in any negative way but this is my own anecdotal experience.

Your post history certainly tends to indicate otherwise.

After everything I said you are still not getting it. Now it sounds like you just trying to promote your own service because you mention StorPool which you use.

For like the 4th time; I use/offer both cloud and dedicated services. From my experience, I found faster speed on dedicated compared to cloud, and yes it is anecdotal. Maybe if StorPool had a UK location and I used that my opinion would be different. But I have not tried it. But I know it is not just about the storage, but using fast CPU/mem too. So if you use StorPool and use the latest CPU/mem, then fair play to you.

We can discuss this over and over again, but the majority of customers with SMBs just want their site to load as fast as possible and a lot of them will do a simple test at GTMetrix or Google Network Tools to see which web host loads their site fastest and will go with that.

I remember looking into StorPool around the time you had that issue with them (I am not going into what happened there) as I do not try to make people look bad like others do.

I agree with you that using SAN, and NAS is good. I was looking into that too i.e I use and you can connect HA-NAS to it – so if I wanted to could still use the latest/fastest servers with the fastest single-core (useful for single-threaded apps i.e WordPress) and use HA-NAS. That way, everything would be hosted on the HA-NAS which help better with redundancy. But I already use Cloud instances and Dedicated servers from OVH.

I will look more into HA-NAS for sure.

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