Samridhi Katyal decodes the difference between fan & audience

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The e4m Mobile Marketing Conference, 2022, witnessed a Fireside Chat between Co-Founder of Fandrum Samridhi Katyal, and Ruhail Amin, Senior Editor, exchange4media & Business World. 

Katyal was requested to share insights on how brands could leverage their fan base to build a bigger brand and how ‘Fandrum’ does that. “Fandrum gives an opportunity to brands, broadcasters and celebrities to identify the top 10 or 20% of their fans who are doing free marketing for them. Fans go and talk about the brand, advocate and defend brands. This is the biggest difference between fans and the audience. The brands must focus on fans and must nurture them and reward them to leverage marketing and make better content,” Samridhi said.  

Taking the discussion further, Samridhi mentioned the dichotomy between the fan and the audience and how ‘Fandrum’ is differentiating the fan from the audience. She tells that fans are creators, designers, and community managers. We have subscribers and followers on Instagram, but not fans. I may have liked something and become a follower, but not necessarily I am a fan. So it is a huge difference. The fundamental difference that ‘Fandrum’ is trying to bring is to differentiate between the audience and the fan. The people who are engaging more those people to get points and rewards and based on psychographic data, the fan is recognised. This is all about knowing your fan, leveraging them and building marketing campaigns around them.”  

Samridhi was further asked to share Fandrum’s story. She said “We believe that this is exactly the right time with mobile internet exploding, data becoming cheaper and people having a voice in everything. Now we want to give them what they specifically liked. People talk about content on various platforms. They have their WhatsApp groups and communities, and online forums, but they are scattered and fragmented. Neither fans being validated…


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