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I would have to disagree with you here. The advantage of LiteSpeed is it is alomost maintenance free and faster at the same price point compared to any other traditional caching solutions.

Are you considering CDN as page speed when you refer to global infrastructure?

I am not sure if you have LiteSpeed based servers. But I am interested from purely technical point of view if you want to dig in and compare the performance with LSCache with/without quick.cdn. I’d be happy to provide you with a test hosting account for running your tests.

Of course I’m considering CDN, it has to be considered. CDN is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have. If you don’t have a CDN as part of your stack and you still think it’s cheating performance or some unfair advantage, you’re living in the past.

There’s no question litespeed is a great web server, but you’re moving business logic and caching into a single web server. So if all of your visitors are close to your one web server, that’s amazing, it will be great after you configure the crap out of it to perform for your website.

At Rocket, we solve performance globally in many different ways, to the point that our actual servers only see 5-8% of traffic… all while maintaining an average 100ms TTFB around the world… making the web server is meaningless at that point.

When you add multiple caching layers into the mix, it creates a terrible customer experience, not to mention the pain of configuring litesped and the LSCache plugin.

We prefer to let customers make their choice of server-side cache (wp-rocket, etc) and we simply cache what WordPress outputs at the edge.

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