Regional Strategic Development Officer for the Pasteur Network: Africa – Senegal

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Today, the Pasteur Network brings together 33 public health research institutes located in 25 countries over 5 continents, mobilizing the services of several thousand researchers, engineers and technicians. A vast scientific and human community, it actively participates in national and international programs covering research, public health, and training / mobility programs.

The Pasteur Network is organized as a French Association governed by French law (1901). Its governance has recently evolved to be more participative and representative of the current needs of its members. The Pasteur Network is working on increasing its visibility, developing ambitious collaborative scientific projects and strategic partnerships, and implementing a regional and global fundraising policy.

Under the responsibility of the Executive Director of the Pasteur Network, the Regional Strategic Development Officer for Africa will work closely with the following groups in order to participate in the implementation of the Pasteur Network’s strategy to strengthen the scientific leadership and the framework for collaboration of the Pasteur Network:

Representatives of key organizations and bodies within the African region
Member institutes of the Pasteur Network African region
Administrative teams (e.g., communications, other Regional Strategic Development Officers) of the Pasteur Network.


The primary tasks of the position will be:

Development and management of relationship with regional members within the framework of the strategic priorities of the Pasteur Network (analysis of the positions of regional members on the issues and key priorities of the Pasteur Network, making contacts, managing, and promoting the relationship between member institutions, drafting of documents for exchanges)
Developing and carrying out feasibility studies of partnerships (health, science, and political actors) through
risk analyses
defining the outline and content of a potential strategic…..

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