React Native App Development- An Overview

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React Native is the most popular app development framework used widely all over the world. This widespread network was released in the year 2015. Facebook and Instagram are the two insanely popular applications using react native framework. React Native has the potential to build apps for both IOS and Android platforms. 

It uses JavaScript, Java, C++, Objective-C, and Python programming language. React Native gives users a better user experience and can run on different platforms. It can be built faster as compared to other frameworks. Be it an iPhone app development company or any other, you will find react native app development services effortlessly.

This article will discuss the reasons that make react native a better option.

Reasons to choose React Native

Run on both Mobile and Web

We all are aware of the fact that React Native was used to creating web applications initially. State-of-the-art applications are built using react native to run on both web and mobile efficiently.

Better Performance

Many software app developers are working both as react native and flutter app development company. React Native is not originally a mobile app programming language, but it works well on mobile and gives an almost native app experience. It is fast and can be quickly built as compared to other platforms.

Easy to Understand and Learn 

React Native is easy to learn as it primarily uses JAVA and the most common programming language, with some improvements. Mobile app and web developers find it easy to build applications using the React Native framework as compared to others. There is progressive competition between flutter app development and react native app development all the time. 

Reusable Components 

The main reason why developers find it easy to incorporate React native framework is the fact that many components in react native app development is reusable. It is pretty easy to hire android developers as most developers are skilled in react native app…


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