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Positive ShockHosting.net Review

This is my 4 month review of Shock Hosting.
I plan on reviewing again at the 1 year mark and then every year after that. I have a 3 year hosting plan that I pre-paid for.

I have multiple websites hosted with their Low Shock and Super Shock plans. Right now, they are very small websites. I have a landing page for my privately owned e-mail, a resume website, and a credit card deals website (think of SlickDeals, but for credit card bonuses.) The plan was to get the credit card bonus website going, but life got in the way. My work is going through a re-org, I’m applying for new jobs, trying to get a promotion, etc. I will pick back up in the fall. Anyway, on to the review!

Initial Signup Process:

I see Shock Hosting advertised in the WHT Shared Hosting Offers section all the time. They are pinned at the top, but I never really considered them. Why? They don’t get talked about much. Seriously! It was hard to find reviews. There are some out there, but not a ton like other web hosting companies. They also only have a 7 day refund policy which screamed “horrible host” in my opinion. I figured the servers would be oversold, because of their cheap prices (which includes a free dedicated IP) and the small window refund policy. I initially only planned on signing up for Shock Hosting as a quick trial (1 day) and then cancelling. I wanted to see what their servers were like and check out their resources, etc.

Shock Hosting sent a follow up e-mail at 3:00am on a weekday about an hour after I submitted the request to cancel. They wanted to ask a question about the reason I had put in my cancellation request. I said it was because my current host had more resources, which is what I was looking for as I build up my credit card bonus website. I am a night owl and I happened to be up at 3:00am! I responded to Shock Hosting, and we actually ended up working something out to get me to stay. I’ve never had a host do this with me before! I was totally impressed! I’ve only ever known hosts to let you signup for whatever you see on their website.


They’ve always responded pretty quick. I think the longest response time may have been up to 1 hour. Not bad at all. Most responses were around 30 minutes or so. I’ve only opened two tickets, but everything has been great so far. All tickets were opened in the evening, so it’s nice to get support outside 9-5 hours.


WOW! Dallas Shock Hosting’s servers are some of the BEST I’ve ever seen in shared hosting. I am hosted in their Dallas location. 32 cores, with a server load always 3.5 or below. Often times in the 1.0 – 2.5 range. Everything is extremely fast. I couldn’t be happier! The only shared hosting company I looked into that I think has faster CPUs was MechanicWeb. I did consider them, but they cost more than what I’m paying with Shock Hosting. Plus, I’m completely happy with Shock right now.


I’ve had 0 downtime in 4 months. I monitor my websites with StatusCake. Shock Hosting did have some downtime in their other data centers. I received status update e-mails, and they were on top of their game to keep their customers updated. It was due to a switch that failed to restart after it crashed. Another time was in their Los Angeles datacenter and there was an issue with their upstream. Everything was resolved within a reasonable amount of time.

Final Thoughts:

They provide a free dedicated IP address with every hosting account. We’ve all heard that old wives tale that a dedicated IP helps with SEO. I’ve read countless articles that it does help and doesn’t help. All I have to say is that having the dedicated IP can’t hurt! I love having a dedicated IP with my shared hosting. Most hosts don’t even offer it, because of the shortage.

Shock Hosting is literally my new favorite host! I couldn’t be happier Integrated Telecommunications Services (NEC) Everything has gone great, and support has been fantastic with my couple of tickets!

In the past year, I’ve tried: Hawk Host, BigScoots, HostWithLove, HostMantis, and CrocWeb. All these hosts are great (except for Hawk Host. Their servers are so slow and outdated.)

I won’t talk about each host, but if I had to rank them overall in order I would do:
1. Shock Hosting/BigScoots (tied) because BigScoots has the BEST support, but costs more.
2. 3-way tie between HostWithLove/HostMantis/CrocWeb. You can’t go wrong with any of these guys.
3. Hawk Host in last place.

I’ve been a WHT member since 2005. I’ve tried nearly all the big hosts mentioned here on WHT over the years. Shock Hosting deserves this glowing positive review for having fantastic servers, good prices, and extra perks! For those that want to verify the validity of this review, one of my hosted domains is: Inbox(d0t)GQ <—- that is the landing page for my e-mail domain. One of my other domains is: MyB@nkB0nus(dot)com <— credit card bonus website.

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