New WordPress Quantum Web Hosting Offers Resellers Shared Hosting Alternative

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New developments in web hosting technology now allow businesses the option of hosting their websites on a more secure and dedicated environment than shared hosting. A newly-launched product called “Quantum” helps web developers take advantage of this new technology.

Birmingham,United States – November 10, 2022 —

On October 20, 2022, WPMU DEV, a WordPress services company, launched an entirely new business product called “Quantum” to help their resellers take advantage of a new kind of web hosting technology.

For many businesses with small or limited IT budgets, shared hosting has been the only viable option for hosting their websites.

According to James Farmer, CEO of WPMU DEV, however, the problem with shared hosting is that “every site shares the same IP address, every site is vulnerable to one of the other sites hogging all the resources, every site can be damaged by one hack, every site is in the same location. We know this because we’ve surveyed our members at length and – even though nobody likes it – it’s hard to argue with that cost per site, especially when compared to standard managed WordPress hosting costs.”

As a managed WordPress hosting provider with a member base of over 50,000 active web developers managing tens of thousands of business websites for their clients, WPMU DEV is largely user-driven and develops innovative solutions to help their members run more efficient businesses and overcome their challenges.

One of these challenges has been offering their members-many of whom are resellers of WPMU DEV’s products and services-a hosting product that is more secure and as affordable as shared hosting. The reason being, many of WPMU DEV’s members service clients with basic website needs, or operate in countries with struggling economies, making it hard to compete with the price of shared hosting plans.

Until now, that is. With Quantum hosting, WPMU DEV is able to introduce businesses using WordPress-powered websites…


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