Moving Away for KnownHost - Looking for New Provider

Moving Away for KnownHost – Looking for New Provider

Hi Daniel!

Thanks so much for your response. However, I’m simply not going tolerate being painted as an unreasonable customer who “doesn’t” listen. Luckily the internet is forever.

I found an image of the KH30 deal I was on. Unfortunately I can’t post it, because of this forums restrictions but if anyone else wants to see what I’m talking about you can google KH30 Deal KnowHost or shoot me a message and I’ll send you the imgur link. The deal stated:

“Coupon code KH30 deal will save you 30% for life on all managed ssd and managed Cloud KVM VPS plans!”

This is the KH30 deal I was on. Please note your company’s usage of the words “for life of all managed ssd and all managed cloud kvm vps plans.”

Based on my conversations with billing I was apparently on what you are now calling “Legacy” MVPS-x plans, though on every invoice I’ve received from you while on this plan it simply said MVPS-x. (I have been on MVPS-4 and MVPS-5).

I understand what you’re finagling here is the usage of the word plan, by telling me the old plan is now dead and there is a new plan. Never mind your own verbiage does not state the life of legacy plans, simply all managed ssd vps plans. But okay. Sure. Fine. It’s dead now. New plan. That is your right to do so. It’s not the first time a company has backtracked on promises or used some clever **** to get out of what they promised.

But let’s continue this story.

You emailed all customers in December about new plans. Here’s what you told us (and admittedly I missed this email. Just read it through yesterday in case I was screwing up here).

“The largest change will be to our Managed hosting lineup. We are launching brand new packages to provide a much wider range of flexibility to our customers. The most notable change is that we will be offering these packages as an option to be managed or unmanaged. This extends the flexibility and robustness of our network to an entire new segment of users, including any needs that you currently may have that do not require server management services or a control panel. With these packages we will be offering free DirectAdmin licenses, and account limited cPanel licenses. These changes will be fully reflected in both our OpenVZ VPS product line as well as our OpenStack based Cloud Hosting line of products. You can see the new packages live for our OpenVZ product line at the following links for Managed VPS Hosting & Unmanaged VPS Hosting. We’re performing some final tweaks for our cloud product line but expect to be launching that new product line on Monday, December 28th 2020.”

Nothing in this email indicates to me I should be concerned or inquire about my KH30 deal. In fact, it’s not the first time you’ve changed the details of your Managed VPS Plans. Once over the course of our time together you had a better deal on your website, I grabbed it, discount applied. More recently I needed more ram and storage space than you were currently offering via the plans listed on your website, which is how I ended up on MVPS-5. No issue with KH30 deal being applied in either of those instances.

Here is how I, your customer, found about these “newly titled plans”.

Because my bill went up, from $111 to $126 I went double check on things. I’m on a pretty tight budget right now so fluctuations have to be investigated. I see that the reason for the price hike is cpanel (really rude what they’ve been doing but I digress) and you’ve even knocked 5 bucks off my base price because of it. No big deal, appreciate that. But, it’s still a little more than I want to pay so I view the current plans on your website.

I see on your website you’ve got a plan for $100 (before cpanel charges). This is more in line with what I want to be paying, and I’m thinking with my KH discount great deal.

Except suddenly you’ve baked the discount into your price, meaning it’s no longer a discount. If something is part of the base price, that’s not a discount, that’s base price. And suddenly it’s a “newly titled plan.”

And here is where I, as a six year customer, are (is? I hate grammar) getting really heated: on the MVPS-5 plan my base price (before discounts and cpanel) is $150 for 10GB RAM, 250GB Disk, 6TB Bandwidth 8 Cores.

Your new plan is for $100 12GB RAM, 300GB SSD disk storage and full access to 8 cores.

LOL wut. You’re charging me $50 bucks MORE for LESS?

Except you’re arguing it’s not less, because I have the discount. Which indicates to me, on my MVPS-5 plan the base price has been jacked up, in order to give the “discount.” So I, as your customer feel hustled. I mean, wouldn’t you? Even with the discount on my MVPS-5 I still end up paying $2 bucks more, for LESS. AND you’re telling me my discount no longer applies because the “titles of our plans have changed.”


Let’s add on the ******, condensing attitude of both you and your bro Jon over on reddit, I think you can see why I as a customer don’t feel valued despite your claim below you do.

Imagine for a moment Daniel, how different our relationship would be if you had reached out to me, a six year customer and said, “Hey! I see you’re on our old Legacy Plans. Unfortunately we don’t offer those anymore and I see you’re paying more money, where our new plan can get you more bang for your buck. Unfortunately these new plans don’t include our KH30 discount but because you’ve been with us for six years….” see where I’m going? That’s how you make a six year customer feel valued. But I digress, I have a lot of assumptions about how things should be.

But hey, your company will be fine, your “newly titled plan is great”, your tech support is phenomenal, and I’ve said this in previous threads.

But I am done with y’all and glad to be so. I’ve paid for my month. I’ll use that time to move my clients and my sites to a different company. You have a great day now.

Quote Originally Posted by DanielP View Post
Hi Crystal,

Apologies I have not replied to you sooner as I was unavailable yesterday.

I do apologize that we have disagreements in your discounts and how you feel they should be applied. It seems you have many pre-conceived notions on how things should and should not work, and regardless of any attempt at explanation you simply don’t wish to listen and instead feel that we don’t care about you which is not true at all. We absolutely do care about you, just as much as we care about our employees, our vendors and remaining a stable business.

In very simple terms, when we released the new packages a couple of years ago, we adjusted them for the current market rate, discontinued any coupons on them and made sure that they were a better value than the previous generation. That actually made them price wise, per resource, cheaper than your legacy packages including the legacy discount. No one is or has forced you to move to a new package or change what you had. You could have easily kept your old package for the next 10 years and kept your same discount, but on the legacy packages you would still end up paying more for those, than the new ones, but if that’s what you want to do and remain on the legacy packages you’re more than welcome to.

At the end of the day we obviously disagree and that is totally fine, but I do wish you the best in finding a new host.

If you ever need anything from us please don’t hesitate to ask.

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