Medical app development: 3 best practices

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Carried away by the scope of work or its complexity, mHealth developers can lose track or miss some valuable steps. Here are some tips from a medical app development company. 

Pre-project planning

A mobile health app project could be challenging and require careful preparation. The work involves three main steps:

Conducting a large-scale research

Before launching a project, you should assess the market and the dominant health IT trends. It also makes sense to study potential user needs and competitor offers. You could estimate how well top existing solutions solve user challenges. The identified weak points can serve as the basis for your project.

To finalize the research stage, you can conduct a thorough analysis based on three main factors: market size, potential competitors, and user needs.

Defining the target audience

Defining the target audience is critical to maximizing the app’s attractiveness to users. For this matter, you can consider creating a user persona. The concept unites demographic data, behavioral traits that guide users in decision-making, and challenges they face. 

Working on user personas, you can also consider the challenges users face. Then you can draft potential solutions your app can offer. In case there are several challenges the competitors’ tools solve, it is reasonable to range them by significance and select the most critical issues to address them first. 

Setting up a multi-faceted team

Apart from skilled developers, you can attract an established medical professional or key opinion leader (KOL). They will offer consulting and advice when needed, seamlessly integrating into the team.  

It is necessary to ensure respectful communication in the team. Mutual training sessions when tech experts educate doctors about some technologies and vice versa can help. This approach can build trust and respect and help the team solve upcoming project-related issues effectively.

Defining the project scope

Healthcare apps are…


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