Maximising your content marketing for a successful integrated campaign

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OPINION: I received some great advice a few years ago from Edward M Yang, managing partner of Firecracker PR.

Edward explained how to use your content in a number of different ways in your marketing.

Let me pass you over to Edward for his comments.

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Those in marketing know that “content marketing” has become the centrepiece of many marketing departments, and a critical aspect of successful integrated campaigns.

The term “integrated” is important because more and more, silos are coming down between different marketing functions.

SEO, PR and content marketing do not exist in their own silos any longer. Each bleeds into the other. Done right, each can magnify the benefits of others.


Content can be used in a number of different ways for a successful integrated campaign.

A concrete example of this is in leveraging one piece of content for multiple purposes.

For one client, we created an infographic, which have become relatively commonplace today. But it’s not the creation of the infographic that is special, it is how you use the finished product to achieve marketing goals that can make the difference.

The finished infographic was posted on the topic of telecommuting. A webpage was created on the client’s site with a descriptive URL, along with appropriate title and description tags. Social sharing icons were put on the page as well.

From there, we submitted the infographic to numerous websites that accept infographic submissions.

We also built a list of targeted reporters and bloggers who had written on the subject of telecommuting in the past year, using a mix of an online media database and just Googling news…


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