Leeds music platform reaches 1million milestone Prolific North

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Leeds-based music platform, Uppbeat, has achieved a 175% increase in growth in 20 months.

The company, which aims to become the “ultimate” music platform for content creators now has 1m users.

Part of that growth is attributed to a $6.15m investment earlier this year.

“Reaching 1 million users in just 20 months and seeing Uppbeat resonate with so many incredibly talented, creative & influential people is amazing. Content creators are truly shaping modern culture and it’s inspiring to see Uppbeat playing its part,” said Lewis Foster, CEO, Uppbeat.

“Music plays such a big role in video content, but for a long time it’s been a serious pain-point for creators due to navigating copyright issues & licensing legalities. To think our userbase has already doubled since our Series A earlier this year shows that Uppbeat is proving a hit with both creators and musicians. 

The platform offers a curated catalogue of copyright-free music to use in video, podcast and livestream content.

“Looking ahead, we have a pipeline of exciting plans for Uppbeat, all focused on our mission of empowering content creators worldwide,” continued Foster.

“We’re amassing fascinating data on how content creators are using music, and we’ll leverage this increasingly to help make Uppbeat the go-to platform for creators everywhere.” 

The company recently relocated to an office in Leeds’ Tailors Corner building, which is near Channel 4’s HQ at The Majestic.


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