Law Firm Marketing: Tactics for 2023

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Referrals are not only one sales channel that can bring more profitable projects for your law firm.

Who brings new clients for your law firm? Let’s guess — a big chunk comes from referrals of your past clients or partners. Using the channels that work to grow your business is always a good idea, but imagine how much more you could fuel your growth with other smart marketing techniques. In this article, we are covering a few marketing strategies you could use to double your growth in 2023.

Define your unique selling point (USP)

The concept of USP is based on a differentiator that sets you apart from other law firms. Your differentiator can be a higher win rate, experience of your attorneys, or years in business. Attracting new clients starts with outlining how you are different from other law firms and communicating it on your website, social media, or even leaflets.

Showcase your reviews

Choosing a lawyer is not like picking a supermarket to do groceries today — it’s a much more complicated decision. But positive reviews can effectively convince your prospects to trust you with their issue and choose your services over the services of other lawyers. That’s why it’s worth creating a process for requesting, collecting client reviews, and sharing them on your website.

Write case studies

Sometimes, reading a few positive reviews doesn’t suffice for demanding clients. No wonder — they think reviews can easily be bought these days. So they want to have more facts before deciding to work with you. Writing case studies can help you present these facts by showcasing the process of resolving a legal case from A to Z. Write case studies by explaining the problem, your process, solutions, and results. 

Improve your SEO

Optimizing your existing website content for better rankings is the first step to attracting more inbound leads. That’s why it can be a good idea to follow the right law firm SEO practices to get better results. However,…


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