Kartel Music Group – Digital Marketing & Advertising Manager (UK)

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KARTEL MUSIC GROUP: Digital Marketing & Advertising Manager


Kartel Music Group is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Digital Marketing & Advertising Manager to join its growing Marketing Agency; Kartel Marketing Agency.

The Digital Marketing & Advertising Manager role will work closely with a roster of independent artist and label clients leading their digital, social media & content marketing goals and objectives. The role will focus across a range of advertising objectives from audience growth, fan engagement and sales conversion.

The role will be responsible for day-to-day planning and execution of digital marketing and advertising tasks for multiple concurrent campaigns.

This role requires a highly diligent & attentive individual with strong organisational and effective communication skills. The role requires expertise and experience in social media, digital advertising, community management, influencer marketing and content creation.

The successful candidate will be a confident digital native. Experience working with CMS, design and editing software (Adobe etc) will be a distinct advantage to this role.

Responsibilities will include

Core functions

Create and execute impactful digital marketing and advertising campaigns across all relevant social media and digital platforms (Google, TikTok, Meta, Instagram, Amazon, Spotify, Snapchat etc).Responsibility for management of digital advertising accounts, business managers and third party media buying agencies, maintaining clear administration process and reporting structures.Develop & execute innovative and impactful digital & social marketing plans;Create digital marketing and advertising reports using Google Data Studio and other applications to collate and present real time advertising data that will inform digital strategy and wider teams;Manage advertising relationships with partners like Facebook, Google and TikTok, keeping wider team up to date with changes and updates;Promote education and…..

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