Is managed VPS a bad idea for someone who isn't tech savvie?

Is managed VPS a bad idea for someone who isn’t tech savvie?

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Well I’ve been in this industry for over 13 years and I can definitely tell you that a properly configured CDN does speed up a slow website
I am not talking free basic plans I am talking hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.
Take a look at as an example if you run the site through both with and without the CDN look at for results without the CDN you will notice the difference in load times.
It is a lot quicker with the CDN as all the images and the Database is cached.

Caching a database? Kind of removes the point of a data-driven dynamic site, doesn’t it? Also caching a databases isn’t really feasible – how would you set up a caching system for this forum? It changes by the second which is why, even though it uses CloudFlare, it is slow. It would take more time to build the cache than it would to load the page. Please provide details by sharing your 13 years of experience in how to do it. I cut my teeth on IBM punch cards and I still know next to nothing. I learn something new about computers and the internet just about everyday.

Many people cannot afford to pay for a CDN and you’ve overlooked the fact that a CDN is a middle-man that holds the potential to censor content. That censorship can be in what is presented to a visitor and which visitors can view that content. That is a power I, and many others, are unwilling to grant to yet another attempt at a large corporate takeover of the internet.

Why is “speed” so important when we’re talking milliseconds to make a connection regardless of where the visitor is in relation to the data center? It is important because somebody said it was and people jumped on the bandwagon without really researching what is a CDN. Well, for one thing a CDN can capture credit card numbers, passwords, and every bit of information that passes between your website and the visitor. It is a spy in the disguise of a service the corporate world has worked very hard convincing people they need – which they don’t.

Connection seed has nothing whatsoever to do with speeding up a resource intense application or one that has been compromised by poorly written “plug-ins”.

When Google came on the scene I watched people re-code their websites to suit the needs of a large corporation. Now people are nervous about Google rankings and are kept in a constant state of turmoil because Google changes its algorithms to create that turmoil. Google has caused good people to lose their businesses. A CDN’s potential to censor and steal information can do the same.

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