Hyperscaler Shaker, Civo’s Lighter Touch To Heavyweight Clouds

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Civo CEO Mark Boost


Clouds are heavy – both kinds. Like their meteorological equivalents, cloud computing clouds carry a great weight of water (data), internal weather system complexity (network-layer connectivity) and massive potential to exert kinetic strength and energy (big data analytics, machine learning functions for AI, real-time processing and so much more).

While we could run on and on with the analogies here, the overriding sentiment that appears to be emanating from the cloud computing industry right now relates to the complexity of cloud orchestration and management. Clouds (the ones above us and the computing kind) are very often a maelstrom of forces that we fail to harness as competently as we should, especially when we are paying for them.

On something of a mission to shake up the cloud computing firmament currently established by the big three Cloud Service Provider (CSP) hyperscalers is UK and US-headquartered Civo. The company has grown its initial cloud-native services offering based upon K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution, a widely popular open source technology used to orchestrate cloud containers (smaller components of cloud functionality) and look after their deployment, scaling and management.

What is lightweight technology?

It’s important to note that lightweight is a strange term in enterprise software. In technology engineering terms, lightweight typically refers to algorithmically efficient software code that is essentially optimized for the task it is built to perform. Lightweight can be extremely powerful because it is software built to perform a precision-engineered function and do it well – hence perhaps the need for us to talk (above) about orchestration and the concept of bringing together smaller, better-designed components of software to create more functionally and cost-effective cloud computing services.

British-born Civo CEO Mark Boost and his assembled team of engineers boast a track record in the…


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