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Podcasts can be a very successful marketing tool for law firms when done correctly. “Done correctly” is a key term though – because there are many podcasts that never gain any traction. How can you separate yourself from the noise on an increasingly popular channel? 

The work you put in before your podcast airs, the quality of your content, and what you do to promote your podcast are all difference-makers. Here are ten must-dos for creating a successful law firm podcast. 

Why Create A Podcast?

Nowadays, consumers prefer to consume informative content in more easily digestible ways. Not everyone wants to or has the time to, sit down and read articles, ebooks or attend webinars. 

Podcasting has proven to be an important strategy for many firms, and companies worldwide.

1. Find Your Niche

Podcasting is on the rise, which means more and more people are attempting to launch their own shows. In such a crowded space, it’s crucial to differentiate your expertise and your content. As an example, when we ranked 200 AM law firm podcasts in the 2022 Social Law Firm Index.  How did certain law firms end up on top? Because they carved out a great niche and cater to those interested in that niche. What makes you different?

2. Publish Your Podcast Consistently

This advice shouldn’t be any surprise if you regularly read content on creating an online presence. Listeners will want to know when they can expect new episodes, and keeping to a schedule helps them with that. In addition, establishing and maintaining a  predictable schedule will help lawyers come up with ideas and give them time to reach out to guests. Even more helpful: we suggest creating a backlog of episodes so that you can publish regularly without having to constantly develop new material during busy times. 

3. Keep it Concise

Your goal is to keep your podcast audience engaged and entertained. At the same time, many podcast listeners are multi-tasking (they might be driving, working…


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