How does digital marketing differ in South Africa?

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When it comes to marketing, especially digital marketing specifically, one of the main components needed in order to achieve a successful campaign or strategy is thoroughly knowing your target audience.  Yet there are still many people all over the world who make the mistake of not realising that the digital marketing landscape is different depending on which country you are targeting.

Situations are often evaluated from a worldwide perspective instead of locally, which causes a lack of understanding within South Africa. But times are changing as people welcome the new age of the digital era, where more and more people are spending a large amount of their time online, which means that you can reach a far wider audience through our digital channels than ever before. Before considering  the differences in digital marketing within South Africa, here is a look   at what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing involves utilising a wide variety of marketing tactics and technologies in order to promote products and services online. As one of the most effective ways of marketing, digital marketing allows organisations to establish a brand identity, communicate with their customers more effectively, and reach a far wider audience than ever before. Digital marketing has revolutionised the marketing industry, and it’s easy to  see why through the widespread use of successful digital marketing campaigns and strategies throughout the world.

An effective digital marketing strategy that understands your target audience is key if you want to ensure that your brand remains visible and competitive in the modern market.

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main categories, which are listed below.

Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Marketing Analytics
Affiliate Marketing

Whichever approach you choose to utilise in your marketing campaigns depends on your target audience and how and…


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