HostXnow review - 20 months

HostXnow review – 20 months

I was a customer of HostXnow May 2020 to February 2022!
I signed up for HostXnow’s hosting package when I was looking for a VPS a couple of years ago.
I only used it as a staging area for site development but here’s my take on it.

1. Prices (10/0):
Not the most important thing for me but many people select hosts based mainly on this criterion.
The prices are very attractive the service you get.

2. Speed (7/10):
I was on a basic hosting package so that could’ve explained the speed not being the best. None of the sites I hosted had much traffic and no heavy WP sites but sometimes things ran a little slow.
When I say speed, it’s not so much the sites but things like FTP. I’m based in Bulgaria on a 1Gbps UP and down fibre connection and I take latency to the UK into account.

3. Features (8/10)
Again this may be due to the fact I was on a basic hosting package. But I felt it was quite restricted

4. Support (10/10)
I rarely needed support but the few times I did, the answers were quick and meaningful. Even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear Bulgaria

5. Communication (8/10)
This is where things didn’t always work out. I was in hospital with Covid when HostXnow were changing servers and migrating customers. As I didn’t respond on time, I was fore migrated (rightly so) to another package. It worked out cheaper in the end but I lost things that I cared about (such as a dedicated IP, my Paypal subscription being cancelled).
Also when a couple of my sites had DNS issues that were either global to the network or a result of the migration but I didn’t see any communication about it. Needless to say that when I contacted support, the issue was resolved.

6. Overall service (8/10)
I don’t know whether I’d have a better experience had I been on let’s say a reseller of VPS package. I tried to move up to the Reseller package but there was an issue with my paid bill showing as paid so i lost the appetite.
The issue with the bill is that a new bill had been created but it wasn’t due for another 10 or 7 days. I then went and paid in advance via Paypal but the system hadn’t registered it until I reached out to Support. By that time I had gotten side tracked by something else.
All being said, I really enjoyed working with Chris.
Chris is the heart and soul of HostXnow and that helps because he truly cares.

Would I recommend HostXnow? I would and I have.


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