Hosting for Woocomerce

Hosting for Woocomerce

WooCommerce is a very heavy platform, although not as heavy as Magento .

Most shared plans with only 1 CPU core or with lower per-thread speeds [like 1.8ghz, 2.0ghz, 2.2ghz] will not run WooCommerce very well.

You do not have to move to a VPS though – there are shared providers that offer more than a single core and/or higher clock speeds.

Part of the problem is probably that you’re shopping based upon the metrics you’ve listed alone [disk space, transfer, cPanel, etc] but you’re not paying much, if any, attention to your CPU, RAM, disk I/O, etc.

Very rarely these days are hosting services limited by the resources you’re specifically asking about and quite often the real limits are the ones you do not seem to be considering. There are a lot of providers that won’t make these resource allocations clear which does make it more difficult for sure.

Then again most clients tend to not have a clue how these resources work and/or affect their sites and/or what it takes to actually power their sites – so I do get it from a marketing perspective. Better to hide the things most don’t understand than to list it clearly for those ignorant of them to get confused.

I do wish that more hosting clients were more informed and/or educated as to how it all works – at least the concepts that their sites need to use CPU and RAM resources to operate and generally what minimums they need to be looking for.

Good luck!

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