Growth for hosting company – a Community crowdfunding project in Immingham by Jacob Barlow

Create A Website for $1.99/Month

For years I’ve been the go to guy in my online gaming community to provide servers, originally I would collect a few pound from each person and rent a server for the game we was playing at the time, however as time went on and costs carried on increecing, I scraped together as much money as I could to build a dedicated server, this server consisted of second hand parts, bits laying around and a few new bits. It ran an AMD FX 8350, 32gb of ram, and 2tb of storage. I ran it using an edition Windows server, it was not by any stretch of the imagination, a high end server, however as time went on and I carried on upgrading, I got to the point where I had a dual chip xeon server, amd eventually a ryzen 9 5900x server. All this hardware was still in use and ran various servers for people I gamed with. It allowed us to lose ourselves in a game, and provided a sense of community, and most importantly we was there for each other through all the good and the bad, supporting each other. I feel that allowing people to communicate with each other, spend time with each other and form bonds helps prevent people from getting isolated and feeling alone. I found that in the rough times we have recently been through, not being alone and having friends you can talk to, is the most important thing in the world. Upon looking at server hosting sites I decided that I could provide the service at a competitive cost, further more I could offer something that I’ve not seen before, a managed server, where the server is managed by ourselves taking stress out of the process, so you can have fun and enjoy your time together without having to learn how to manage a server. We hope that we can not only offer a good and unique service but that we can also offer unmatched customer service and support.

We won’t only be offering game servers however, but also offer storage solutions, cloud solutions, Web hosting, email hosting and many other server services. We will also be offering a computer…


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