FYI: Namecheap support is in Ukraine (2022)

FYI: Namecheap support is in Ukraine (2022)

it’s kindda sad to hear what’s happening in Ukraine… Stay strong Ukranians, hopefully this nightmare ends soon. Good luck to all the companies with support out of Ukraine

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No, I don’t think so. Just support that I’m aware.

I think many folks are oblivious to the fact that Ukraine is a customer support type of country, an alternative to India. And unlike India, in general, Ukrainians tend to have a very good mastery of both English speaking and writing, which is why the location has grown in the past decade or so. Just watch CNN interviews of Ukrainians on the street. (Conspiracy theorists think the war is fake because they speak good English, “paid actors”. India). On CNBC, for example, you hear too many economic pundits claiming that “Ukraine doesn’t really affect us”. Well, no, dumbass. False. It affects more than you seem to be aware. Lots of companies rely on Ukraine these days.

I won’t get into other aspects but in India – generally English is like 3rd language for most – which is why you see a thick accent. First comes their mother tongue – hardly less than 10-15% of people have Hindi (unofficially – official language) as it, then next comes mostly Hindi (North-East & few South states excluding), then comes English. For instance, I will state an example in the state of Karnataka (the state of Bangalore) – around Mysore region – people mostly speak “Tulu”, state’s official language is “Kannada” – so people who are born around in this region, need to know these 2 languages. Then comes Hindi, later comes English.

People are choosing Philippines too other than India for cost cutting but they have an accent as well, I have spoken to few Filipinos over the phone of an large US company. I haven’t spoken to anyone from Ukraine – that I know of but yeah from my first hand experience – their written language is pretty good.

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