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The economy of 2023 is predicted to be a challenging one. Every time you open LinkedIn, you are bombarded with tens of thousands of people losing their jobs. New AI models are being introduced every day which can save companies millions of dollars and reduce the workforce by vast numbers. With uncertainty and volatility being the new norm, let’s see how to thrive in such challenging times!

It’s astounding how many people think that learning just basic HTML, CSS & JS should be enough to land you a high-paying job, failing to notice that they CANNOT build any application of real-world significance.

If you take a step back and analyze the situation from the employer’s perspective, you will realize that makes no sense.

You are hired to solve problems, so unless you can actually deliver feasible solutions, why would companies even recruit you?

I get it, software development is a constantly evolving field, with new changes being introduced every day, but if you have a solid foundation & master just one domain, you are golden.

It might sound weird to most people, but there exist web developers charging $125+ per hour, which roughly translates to $250k per year. They get so much work that they have to turn down more than 90% of the clients they receive.

These people were NOT born special but developed a strong skill set, work ethic & a pleasant personality. Luckily for you, all of these are acquired skills.

Even though most people believe jobs are scarce, the truth is good developers are hard to come by. So once you become one, you will find abundant opportunities coming your way, the majority of which you will have to turn down because there you are after all limited by the number of hours in a day!

Ah! The good old doomsday prediction!

If you take a look back at history, you will find millions of such predictions which never came true.

When such disruptive technologies come to town, there is a massive change in the type of work but doesn’t spell extinction for the labor…


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