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Award winning used car dealer Jim Reid Vehicle Sales is furious criminals are pretending to be based at his dealership.

Scammers purporting to be legitimate car dealers have set up another fake car dealership website pretending to be based in Scotland.

JDM Cars says it is based in Kintore, Inverurie – the same location as Jim Reid.

The fake website, a screen shot of the homepage you can see above, even uses a zoomed in Google Map location of Jim Reid’s sales site.

The con appears to be exactly the same as those Car Dealer has previously revealed. Criminals advertise cheap used cars on Facebook Marketplace and direct customers to their site via email.

They use fake customer reviews and point customers to legitimate business details they have cloned from Companies House.

The scammers then try to get customers to pay for their cars over the phone in full and offer to deliver them – but then steal the money.

The website uses the fake telephone number 0131 618 0779, the fake email address and the fake website

Reid said: ‘It’s quite cunning what they are doing, trapping a few people at a time, forcing them onto the website and linking it back to listing and false customer reviews to build trust.

‘I spoke to the guy who runs the company they are pretending to be. He knew nothing of the scam, however he said that two guys from London had turned up at his house only a week or so ago looking to buy some cars.

‘Although it’s very obviously a scam to us in the trade it isn’t so obvious to customers especially those who live further away and don’t know the local area. 

‘The cars advertised are far too cheap on the website, which is the hook, customers then call and the scammers ask for the money upfront to ensure they don’t miss the bargain of a lifetime.

‘Money gets transferred, then scammers disappear, as if by magic.

‘We have complete empathy for those affected by these scams as it’s…


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